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American Legion Post 64 Members, 

Our annual golf tournament is going to be December 7, 2018, at the Legacy Golf Resort.  We are in need of volunteers that can help us with the many things that need to be done to make this event a success.  We need to gather prizes for our raffle, get golfers to sign up to play, and engage sponsors to support us. 
We are also looking for a major sponsor.  A local Ahwatukee business that would be our major sponsor would be great!  We would offer them a place on our website with their logo, their name on our banners, their logo/name on some golf item like a shirt or hat, and we would work with them to find other ways to promote their business through us.  For this level of consideration, we would ask them to provide us with $7500-10,000.00 as an annual donation.  If you have a business or could recommend us to an owner who may be interested, please let me know!
We need volunteers to help!!!!!  If you can spend some time helping us, please contact Doug Patterson at or give him a call at 602-791-6843 if you need more information.  Also, there is an inaugural golf committee meeting at the ARC on Tuesday June 26th at 4PM.  If you want to volunteer and can make that meeting please do so.
Thank you!